Our main focus is international manufacturer representation in the consumer electronics industry. Our worldwide alliances allow us to connect our clients (manufacturers) and distributors with the right channel partners and we assist in maximizing global business opportunities.

Burkhard Consulting Services

Our experience

We draw from decades of experience in the high tech and consumer electronic industry. We have gone through many changes over the years and are constantly re-evaluating the way we do business. The consumer electronics industry is fast paced and each company needs a customized approach. We help businesses in need of getting products into the global market place the right way.


Our approach

Our team members are international sales experts. Our understanding of different cultures has helped building robust international distribution and retail channels, establishing sound international business processes, guiding creative go-to-market strategies, and developing high-performing sales/marketing plans.

Vicki H. Burkhard

Our management team

Vicki H. Burkhard, President, has over 25 years of experience in business, sales and marketing, focusing her career on international business. A powerful blend of experience in start-up, large corporate, and entrepreneurial settings with a truly global work history in marketing, advertising, business and extensive worldwide travel. Together these provide invaluable common business sense and exceptional cross-cultural sensitivity, which has become such an important aspect in today's global business culture.

Jolanda Blum

Jolanda Blum, Independent Executive Consultant, has a proven track record of success in generating awareness and maximizing growth in High Tech and Consumer Electronic channels. She has over 15 years of international sales experience including 7 years spent in Singapore and 6 years in London developing the Mac, consumer electronic, and broadcasting channels throughout Asia Pacific, Europe, Middle East and Africa. Bringing global flair and cultural diplomacy to her role, Jolanda manages a diverse portfolio of products and partnerships.


We have the privilege to work in partnership with some of the best companies in their field.

  • Cropmark AG's headquarter is located in Wettingen, Switzerland. Founded in 1991 as a privately held company Cropmark AG has since focused exclusively on products and services in the Macintosh® market. Their LMP products are designed to give the user innovation and reliability both in professional and home use.


    RIVA, a trademark of Audio Design Experts, Inc. located in Fountain Valley, California, was born from a simple yet powerful idea: That a world renowned music producer, passionate designers, patent awarded engineers and pioneering rock 'n' rollers could rescue the world from "status quo" audio.

  • Pack & Smooch was founded in Hamburg, Germany in 2010 by Clemens who studied product design. Since he had always wished to be creative within his own business, after graduating he founded Pack & Smooch. The major idea was to design and manufacture high quality products with an exceptional workmanship in every detail.

  • Headquartered in Boston, MA Wrapsol produces the easiest to apply, strongest and clearest impact and scratch-protecting film available for mobile devices. Made in USA from high-strength polyurethane that withstands impacts and scratches. So, stay protected to stay connected.

  • biozoom

    Located in Kassel, Germany, biozoom works on the development of innovative optical systems. The company dedicates itself to the progress of reflection spectroscopy as a commercial technology. The current biozoom technology can be used by everyone and everywhere as a controlling tool for health and well-being.

  • d-tangled

    Based in Nicosia, Cyprus Laidback Life is a company with a purpose of designing and bringing to life commodities that will make everyday products more user friendly, easier to handle and at the same time more enjoyable. Life Made Easy.

  • d-tangled

    GELID Solutions Ltd., with Swiss roots and based in Hong Kong designs and manufactures CPU and VGA coolers, chassis fans, thermal compounds, accessories and other equipment for computers and electronic devices as well as lifestyle products. The company also supplies a range of products for international OEM and ODM clients.

Company Information

Headquartered in Lake Forest, California
European office in Switzerland
Founded in 2007
Working with a network of independent consultants around the world.

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